Emergency Relief services are delivered by Swansea Community Cottage Inc. to help address immediate basic needs in times of crisis.  

Emergency relief provides financial and/or material support to people in financial hardship.This may be in the form of food vouchers, chemist vouchers, limited household bill assistance, medical prescriptions, clothing and household items, food and small food parcels. We do not provide cash.

When we are unable to provide Emergency Relief due to applicant ineligibility or lack of funds, we will provide clients with referrals to other agencies.

Who do we help?

People must be experiencing a financial crisis and bring proof of such crisis ie: receipts. You will need to present the following ID:

  • Identification with current address- this can be a Health Care Card, Bank Statement, Licence etc.
  • A current Health Care Card, showing your current address
  • A referral letter from Centrelink or confirmation phone call/fax to Centrelink.

Please note: People who do not meet the above requirements can make an application to SCC Coordinator for assistance and will be asked to provide evidence of hardship.

How Do I Apply For Assistance?

Before attending our service visit www.dss.gov.au to access your closest emergency relief organisation to save on petrol and/or transport costs.

  • Appointments must be made before attending this service. Appointments can be made by phoning The Cottage on 4971 1229  
  • Emergency Relief commences at 10am and finishes daily at 3.00pm sharp, Tuesday to Friday.
  • Emergency Relief is not available at SCC on Mondays.
  • The staff member will request information about your circumstances (for example your rent, bills and income)
  • There is no guarantee that we will be able to assist you with what you have requested.
  • If we are unable to assist we will look for other options and referrals